Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

A solution for every business need

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

A solution for every business need

Mitigating the business impact and risk

TMX’s GRC Enablement Services help enterprises build an end to end GRC platform which includes recommendation of the tools and technology appropriate to the requirements followed by implementation of the solutions to facilitate effective GRC automation. Once enterprise has a tool/ technology in place, we can help in further Development, Upgrades, Customizations, New Application Onboarding, Implementation of New Modules, Testing, Maintenance and Support in a very cost-effective manner leveraging upon our co-shoring model.

We have an extensive team of qualified technology resources, SME’s, functional experts to standby our client’s needs. We are specialized in various GRC tools/ technologies such as RSA Archer, ServiceNow etc. We assist to promote the consolidation, coordination and reporting of the GRC activities throughout your organization.

What We Do

  • Policy management
  • Third party/supplier risk management
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Audits and inspection management
  • Automated compliance management
  • Ongoing monitoring of business processes
  • Document and information management, including version control, audit trail and archiving
  • Incident management, including root cause analysis and corrective action (CAPA) tools
  • Access and privilege control
  • Reporting tools

Each of these approaches furthers a coherent, effective risk mitigation strategy, addressing major business practices that are prominent in most companies today.

Audit management embraces the audit lifecycle with a risk-based approach to audit policy which integrates into the risk which control systems, allowing for a comprehensive perception of the situation to identify the most important aspects of compliance and internal governance.

  • Attain complete control of the audit functions & lifecycle
  • Decrease silos among audit, risk and compliance teams
  • Develop effective audit reports

Third-party governance enables processes to document existing and prospective vendor relationships; engage affected stakeholders within your business; assess contract risk, financial wherewithal and inherent and residual risks across multiple risk categories for each third party; and to monitor their performance.

  • Managing and mitigating the risks related to business partner relationships
  • Monitoring of the third party’s quality of service, risk management practices, applicable internal controls

Operational Risk management is intended to involve the first line of protection (operating managers such as business unit members and end users) in recognizing and evaluating risk; determining,accepting and reacting to failure events; tracking main risk indicators; and coordinating day-to-day activities, problems and remediation strategies, acting as an focal point for the organization's organizational risk management system.

  • Natural evolution from traditional risk management
  • Systematic decision-making tool that balances risk cost & benefits
  • Assures necessary risk taking to enhance superiority

Business resilience offers an holistic method to creating resilience around the enterprise by promoting various business functions, such as defining the company’ most vulnerable locations, successfully managing routine events, and developing and reviewing company continuity and IT recovery strategies for disasters.

  • Incorporates crisis management and business continuity in a systemic context
  • It is a strategic approach to risk management that integrates many disciplines

Regulatory and corporate compliance allows companies integrate regulations from various regulatory agencies, record the market effect and develop a reliable, repeatable and auditable regulatory compliance system.

  • Take control of regulatory requirements
  • Address compliance consistently
  • Meet regulatory and compliance obligations

IT and security risk management support processes for setting and communicating IT and security policies and standards; detecting and responding to cyber attacks; identifying and remedying deficiencies in security and IT control; and establishing clear IT risk management practice.

  • Implement Information Security Risk Management
  • Compliance and Regulatory Frameworks
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Leverage on our co-shoring delivery model to minimize cost
of implementation and realize immediate return on investment

Road Map

Leverage on our functional expertise and carve out your
GRC roadmap

Rapid Start

Leverage on Expertise resources to kick start your projects
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TMX is specialized in terms of implementing various projects efficiently and timely delivery of smart solutions. TMX, rapidly understand the client needs and accelerate the speed and excellence without a need for hand-holding. Our Team is diligent in making recommendations to reduce implementation costs.

  • Secure a robust corporate sponsorship
  • Establish a centralized GRC solution team
  • Build an approach with all the combined features of GRC.
  • Centralized on one business GRC software provider
  • Define Strategy and Goals
  • Capture Current State
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Deliver Business Value
  • Define Future State